Russian diamond boss warns of fake gem trend – CNBC

“We cannot be not concerned by the fact that unfortunately at present time there are growing occasions on the market when natural diamonds are mixed with synthetic diamonds, or when the stones are worked on for the purpose of their improvement,” Zharkov said, speaking at the World Diamond Council meeting in Moscow late Tuesday.

“We see that one of our functions is to set apart synthetic and natural diamonds,” he said, adding that Alrosa were conducting research to create effective ways to detect an regulate against the turnover of synthetic stones in the diamond industry.

Synthetic or man-made diamonds are grown in labs and sold in some retailers as cheaper alternatives to naturally mined stones. Synthetic gems are very difficult to distinguish from natural stones, so much so that De Beers, the biggest diamond producer in the world by revenue, said they had created their own gems in a laboratory earlier this year that are not for sale, but to help experts detect fakes.