Report: Masked gunmen stole diamonds from dealer in North Dallas bank parking lot – Dallas Morning News (blog)

The alleged scene of the crime

The alleged scene of the crime

Over the weekend The Israeli Diamond Industry’s website ran a lengthy item bearing the Guy Ritchie-like headline “Diamond Trader Robbed By Three Masked Men in Dallas.”

Per the piece, “A diamond trader was robbed in a North Dallas Bank parking lot last week, according to security company HYJS. The trader was reportedly carrying diamonds worth a great deal. After visiting two clients and arriving at his third destination, the man was attacked by three masked robbers. He was driving a rental and according to reports, did not schedule the appointment prior to arrival.”

The piece doesn’t identify the location of the hold-up. But some poking around the Dallas Police Department’s website reveals that on Thursday, around 1:30 in the afternoon, a man who works for a Manhattan-based jewelry company was robbed in the North Dallas Bank & Trust Co. parking lot at Preston Road and LBJ Freeway. Says the report, the man was “assaulted with guns,” and his “property [was] taken from him.”

Dallas police aren’t saying much about the incident, only that “there are one or two robberies a year” at that location next to Valley View Center, this being one of them. They say there’s no video of the robbery, and that the original story is filled with more “speculation” than anything at this point. Which the piece acknowledges: “It is estimated that this was no ‘spur of the moment’ incident, but that the trader was followed, and the attackers knew they were robbing a diamond trader.” (The italics are ours.)

At the end of 2012 there were a couple of high-profile robberies involving jewelers relieved if their goods at gunpoint: In November of that year a 28-year-old jeweler from Hong Kong was ambushed in a Northwest Dallas hotel parking lot, and just a few weeks later in the Hilton Anatole parking lot armed men made off with $700,000 in assorted gemstones belonging to a man working for a Germany-based gemstone-cutter. Police said at the time it appeared to be 2008 all over again, when Dallas police investigated a string of daylight heists involving, they believed, jewelers who had been under surveillance.

Dallas police aren’t saying much this time. But the Israeli Diamond Industry warns: “It is known that a violent gang of robbers operates routinely in Dallas, and it is therefore recommended to hire an ex-cop for security and leave the city by plane only (even if is a short trip to Houston or Austin).”