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Bar Refaeli and Caroline Ribeiro for H.Stern

Bar Refaeli and Caroline Ribeiro for H.Stern

Brazilian jeweler and silversmith H.Stern is defining a single moment, a feeling, a special occasion through a newfound motto developed for its 70th anniversary.

Along with H.Stern’s new slogan, “Keep the Moment,” the brand has unveiled an advertising campaign with three ambassadresses and a new collection, Genesis, to celebrate its milestone anniversary. When a notable anniversary is reached, brands often look to offer a fresh take on their communications to honor both heritage and continue the brand into the future as a viable and relevant option for consumers.

Keep the moment
The slogan developed for H.Stern is derived from an experience that makes a difference and leaves a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind. This can be a meeting or a moment of contemplation that leads to feelings that remain forever.

H.Stern conceptualizes this idea within its jewelry due to the detail in each piece and designs that are new and inspirational. Because of the emotional ties, as it is frequently bought to celebrate special occasions, jewelry is able to “capture the value of a moment and save it forever.”

The phrase itself, Keep the Moment, is from a song composed by Brazilian musician George Israel exclusively for H.Stern. A verse of the song is as follows:

Keep the Moment
Keep the moment, keep the wonder
Keep the moment
Keep the moment, it will shine forever
Keep the moment, it will last forever
Eternal crystal, reflections of a life
Reaching the future
The star in the sky
Sailing by the Oceans of time
Looking to find the light in your eyes …

This is not the first time Mr. Israel has composed music for H.Stern. The musician is also the creative talent behind “Linhameyer,” a tribute song dedicated to the architectural and sculptural designs of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

The song’s title, a blend of the architect’s name and “Linha,” meaning “line” in Portuguese, is accompanied by an animation of Mr. Niemeyer’s sketches (see story).

Given the nature of the slogan and exclusive song, H.Stern sought to further the anniversary celebration with a party-themed video effort and still imagery featuring models Caroline Trentini, Bar Refaeli and Caroline Ribeiro, all of whom have previously modeled for H.Stern.

H.Stern 70th anniversary campaign - CarolineTrentini and  Caroline Ribeiro
Brazilian models Caroline Trentini and Caroline Ribeiro for H.Stern 

Ms. Trentini modeled for H.Stern in 2009, while Ms. Refaeli was featured in the brand’s MyCollection effort in 2012. Ms. Ribeiro has been photographed twice for H.Stern’s exclusive brand magazine.

The new campaign was shot by photographer Carter Smith with the models wearing pieces from the new Genesis collection, designed specifically for the 70th anniversary celebration as a commemoration.

H.Stern’s Genesis collection explores the cosmos, since Stern is German for star, with pieces designed to resemble stars in various forms including comets, constellations and eclipses. The collection ranges in retail price from $2,900 to $47,000, and includes necklaces, rings and earrings made of 18-karat noble gold set with cognac-colored diamonds.

In the video effort for Keep the Moment, the trio of models are joined by their friends as they dance the night away in a nightclub setting to a soundtrack provided by Mr. Israel’s exclusive song for H.Stern.

Keep the Moment – H.Stern

Phases of a fete
H.Stern has also maintained momentum for its 70th anniversary by updating its retail presence in markets such as New York.

After major renovations the Brazilian jeweler and silversmith reopened its Fifth Avenue flagship in New York in July.

H.Stern temporarily shuttered its flagship, which has called Fifth Avenue its home since the 1960s, for the space to undergo intensive renovations, a move that coincides with its 70th anniversary celebration. Brands often redesign flagship stores so that the surroundings of their products reflect modernity and relevance as time progresses (see story).

Final Take
Jen King, lead reporter on Luxury Daily, New York

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