Athens mom’s jewelry to be featured at the Emmys this weekend – Local 8 Now

ATHENS, Tenn. (WVLT) — It started out as a hobby, and now an East Tennessee woman’s home-made jewelry will be featured at the Emmys this weekend.

You never know where your hobby might lead you in life. Klaaren started making hemp necklaces with her husband nine years ago. Now that hobby has grown into a full size business.

Jessica Klaaren says, “It started as a hobby and now takes over my room.”

She hammers, twists and torches her way to uniquely designed
one-of- a-kind pieces. It’s jewelry just as whimsical as she is.

Klaaren says, “I’ll use anything I can get my hands on if I can turn it into a piece of jewelry.”

She makes necklaces, earrings and bracelets for her neighbors in Athens. Recently, she started designing for Hollywood. Her jewelry has been on the Bold and the Beautiful on CBS, Vampire Diaries and Parenthood. It’s been in gift bags for the New York Fashion Show, the Oscars and the upcoming Emmys. Some of her necklaces will be on display at the award show this weekend.

Klaaren says, “As the celebrities come through they’ll stop, put it on, and take a photo.”

With two kids, one with autism, and a husband that helps collaborate some pieces, she hopes the gift keeps on giving.

Klaaren says, “To have people respond to it and get feedback especially out of Hollywood, it gives me motivation to continue doing it.”

You can find Jessica’s jewelry at the Farmer’s Market Saturdays on Market Square. Just check the website to make sure she’s there.