5 men wanted in LR jewelry store heist – THV 11

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — A Pleasant Ridge jewelry store was robbed at gun point with the thieves getting in an out in less than two minutes.

Now, five suspects are on the run with thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry.

It happened around 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday at Roberson’s Fine Jewelry. According to Lt. Steve McClanahan, no one was injured.

The exact dollar amount that was stolen has not been released, but an entire display case in the front of the store was smashed and completely cleaned out.

“They did that in under a minute or two it was that fast,” said Christy Martin, a witness who works next door to Roberson’s.

Martin witnessed most of the robbery and called 911.

“They had already bashed all the cases on the wall, and they had their bags and they were stuffing the jewelry in the bags,” said Martin.

Police say four masked thieves used hammers to smash the display case closest to the front door. A fifth person waited outside in what police say was a stolen vehicle.

The first gunman was wearing black shorts with red trim, dark long sleeve shirt, a two tone beach style hat, and was armed with a black revolver. The second gunman was taller and slender wearing a camo jacket, white over red Chicago Bulls cap, blue jeans, and was armed with a chrome semi-automatic pistol. The other two were wearing all dark clothing one with a White Sox cap and the other with a blue cap with white writing on it.

“They drove away in a tan extended cab truck,” said Officer Richard Hingleman, with Little Rock Police.

A THV11 viewer sent us a picture of the stolen truck. It was ditched at the Fairview Rd. Church of Christ where police say the thieves got into a black sedan.

“The last description we have is a black vehicle and that’s all that we have right now,” said Officer Hingleman.

There are 24 surveillance cameras in the shopping center parking lot, and the only camera facing Roberson’s was not working.

However, internal surveillance captured images of the robbery.

“I feel like they had been in and scoped the place out because they knew exactly what they were going for,” said Martin.

Sissy’s Log Cabin in The Heights saw a similar robbery in January of this year. Those thieves are still on the run.

“It’s a very similar method. They were wearing gloves, masks, similar hammers I believe, but we have no way to indicate one way or the other if it was the same people,” said Officer Hingleman.

Martin is nervous to return to work Wednesday, which is next door to Roberson’s.

“We might not have famous jewelry, but you know we have nice stuff. It’s still scary because you never know what they’re going to hit next,” said Martin.

Roberson’s plans to re-open Wednesday at noon.

You’re asked to contact Little Rock Police if you know who these robbers are or where they may be.