Three ‘Nazi gold trains’ suspected in Polish hunt – CNBC

Officials for the Walbrzych District Council, speaking at the same press conference, said they had no doubt that something was down in the structures. They stated that they would work as fast as possible to discover, using radar, the layout and inspect inside these structures.

A cross-section radar image of the tunnel, unveiled at the press conference, showed an object that looked like a barrel or canister.

Several parts of the underground Riese Project have already been found but this latest find comes amid the search for a long-lost Nazi train from World War II in the nearby area. The search has attracted a wave of treasure-hunters and journalists to Poland after two men claimed in mid-August that they knew of the whereabouts of one of these trains.

On Wednesday, the council stated that it had received notification on the location of a “railway tunnel with a multi-level complex of underground corridors from the days of World War II.” However, it had remained tightlipped on giving further information until Friday’s press conference.

It was originally claimed in August that a hidden Nazi gold train had a possible hoard of some 300 tons of gold, precious stones and Nazi firearms. Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper, the two treasure hunters, even gave up their anonymity and appeared on national TV in a bid to dispel critics that believed that it is a hoax.