What the Anheuser-Busch purchase of LA craft beer darling Golden Road Brewing … – Los Angeles Times

Craft beer lovers in Los Angeles and beyond are still reeling from the unexpected news that Anheuser-Busch InBev will acquire Golden Road Brewing, L.A.’s largest craft brewer. While there are a lot of things that are still unfolding, here are a few more details of the deal and what it might mean for craft beer in Los Angeles.

How did the negotiations start?

Contrary to the perception that AB InBev is knocking on brewery doors, Golden Road called AB first. Golden Road Brewing founding partner and President Meg Gill said that she first reached out to AB InBev after having an epiphany on a flight from Chicago in May. She says she was joking with the flight attendant about being “a millennial that won’t turn off my phone and won’t drink non-IPA [beer]” when she was offered a Goose Island 312 wheat beer. When the flight attendant told Gill that the airline now carried Goose IPA as well, Gill realized that AB was paying attention to the marketplace. Back in Los Angeles, Gill started calling Anheuser-Busch.