Think Local: PolyEsther’s is bringing back craft of sewing – KRNV My News 4

RENO, Nev. ( & KRNV) — Many would say it’s a lost art. Sewing machines used to be in nearly every home across the country. Now, they can often look like a boutique.

But PolyEsther’s costume boutique is bringing back the craft of sewing. It’s merging what used to be a necessity in every home with art, creating a successful business along the way.

“I love sewing for fun people, that are as excited as I am to create together,” said PolyEsther Dunaway, owner of PolyEsther’s Costume Boutique.

The group of sewers at PolyEsther’s is dubbed the “steam team.” But, they don’t make your average clothing. PolyEsther’s specializes in elaborate costumes. That can come in handy in Reno’s dynamic culture.

“My costumes are warm and comfortable and beautiful and sexy,” Dunaway said. “And, my art is very crisp, and cool, and black and white, and industrial. So, you know, it’s a yin-yang.”

Merging art and business doesn’t always go hand-in-hand. But through long hours and dedication, PolyEsther has found a way to make it work by simply following her heart.

“A lot of it is creating art,” she said. “Whether it’s an art piece, whether its, ya know, you’re turning yourself into a piece of art. or, you know, you just want to look good and strut your stuff.”

And, at the roots of this shop in midtown is a 23-year-old machine that was once given to her.

“I didn’t realize at the time, what a precious item the Huzkavaran was,” she said. “I mean, they make chainsaws. You know, It’s a viking, what more can I say? That is a tough machine. It does have some plastic parts on the outside, but its heart is made of metal.”

It’s that machine that has become woven into her business and her identity.

“It becomes an extension of you, of course, because not only that’s how you make your living, but that’s how you create art,” Dunaway said. “That’s how you express the greatest things in your soul is through your art. and this is my portal to my art.”