Spun sugar: The art of dessert and craft cocktails in Anchorage – Alaska Dispatch News

Too pretty to eat? Almost! But we dug in anyway to bring you our reviews of some of Anchorage’s most beautiful desserts and cocktails.

Kincaid Grill: Crème Brûlée

Pastry Chef Amber Poston has expertly crafted a rich and velvety custard covered with a perfectly thin layer of caramelized sugar. Topped with ripe berries, whipped cream, an orchid blossom and drizzled with raspberry sauce, the dessert is as exciting on the palate as it appears on the plate.

Kinley’s: Mocha Bourbon Pecan Torte

Created by pastry chef Liz Madsen, Kinley’s signature torte is encased inside an edible cylinder made of marbled chocolate and red cocoa butter; it layers caramel, espresso-soaked cake, pecan ganache and coffee sabayan; and is decorated with berries and chocolate curls. Rich, decadent and scrumptious all apply.

Sacks Cafe & Restaurant: Lemon Pot de Crème

Sacks’ signature dessert has been a part of its menu since 1983. Created by Margie Brown, one of Sacks original partners, the lemon pot de creme is equal parts sweet, tart and silk. “It’s almost cleansing,” said owner JoAnn Asher of this fresh, light custard.

Sweet Chalet: Aurora Chocolate Bon Bons

Ingrid Shim’s galactic bon bons are hand-painted using a cocoa butter-infused edible paint. Each bon bon is a work of art and comes in milk or dark chocolate with flavor combinations including cherry confit and balsamic, caramelized pear with saffron or salted butter caramel. First-time chocolate shop guests are treated to a plated confection tasting that begins with cookies, progresses to chocolates and ends with caramels.

Crow’s Nest: Banana Split

Presented upright, this adult version of the well-loved banana split is stabilized by a Florentine cookie and drizzled with caramel sauce. Chocolate sticks, caramelized bananas, pistachios and fresh berries round out the toppings. This is a grown-up approved treat, for the kid in all of us.

Sweet Caribou: Parisian Macarons

Specializing in Parisian macarons, the Sweet Caribou team traveled to Paris to perfect their craft last year. Pastry chef Alicia Beattie and flavorologist, Barbara Strong, work together to concoct flavors from exotic passionfruit to elegant Earl Grey. The confections are available everyWednesday and Saturday at the Sears Mall Center Market.

SubZero: Nein Poppy

In addition to vibrant color and sparkle, this drink comes with a silly backstory served on the side. It was named after former bartender Courtney Gritsch’s pup, Poppy, who was trained in German and often reprimanded with the command, “Nein!” Comprised of pearl pomegranate vodka, Cointreau, pomegranate puree, fresh lemons and a champagne float, and garnished with a lemon twist and sugar rim, this is one drink you won’t want to say “nein” to.

Ginger: The Drink with No Name

Crafted as a one-night-only drink special by bar manager Justin Duffin and bartender Quinlan Harris, this nutmeg and fresh peach-garnished Drink with No Name made its way onto Ginger’s new cocktail menu following an enthusiastic response from customers. “The craft cocktail is all about fresh ingredients,” said Harris, as he muddled ingredients. This fresh concoction is made with Buleit Bourbon, Domaine De Canton, fresh peach puree, fresh lemon juice, fresh ginger, honey syrup and vanilla bitters.

Simon and Seafort’s: Lavender Cosmo

“It’s like a Sweet Tart in a glass,” bartender JT Bryant said as he coated the outside of a martini glass with fresh lime juice to get the sugar to stick. Made of crème de violette, mandarin Absolut vodka, Cointreau, lime juice and cranberry juice, Bryant was spot on in his taste description. If there were high-end juice boxes for adults, they’d fill them with these lavender cosmos.

Spenard Roadhouse: French 75

The sugar cube fizzled and shrank as it slowly sank to the bottom of this classic 75. With fresh lemon juice, gin and sparkling wine, the sugar cube and a simple syrup rightly balance the citrus and alcohol. Bartender Brandy Thompson presents it with a lemon twist—a simple but striking accessory that is so very French.