Scottish craft beer maker BrewDog expands into US – CNBC

In April, BrewDog launched its fourth equity sale program called “Equity for Punks IV” to raise £25 million through crowdfunding, where small amounts of money are raised from a large number of people, to expand the company.

According to BrewDog, the firm has so far raised £8 million. In order to reach their target, the company announced on Tuesday that it had launched a combined equity and bond sale through U.K. crowdfunding website Crowdcube.

“Crowdcube are the absolute best at what they do in the U.K.,” said Watt. “They have an active community of almost 200,000 investors, people who love investing in exciting, small companies so for us it takes our business, it takes our beer and it takes our Equity for Punks offer to a whole new captive audience.”

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BrewDog is offering unsecured, four-year mini-bonds with a return of 6.5 percent and aims to raise £6 million through the sale.

“We wanted to think about how we could put together something that was slightly different to the Equity Punks offer, which is awesome and doing really well for us. Something that gave investors a different type of investment proposition and a different type of return,” Watt said, explaining why the company had decided to start selling bonds.