old Quantico town craft show

Once upon a time, the Town of Quantico had a craft fair.

It was time now perfectly encapsulated in an image that dates back nearly 40 years, showing hordes of people on Potomac Avenue shopping various craft booths, driving big cars, and wearing highwater pants.

Town Mayor Kevin Brown wants to recapture some of the magic of those glory days, this time, most likely, without the hiked-up pants.

“Everyone knows about the Occoquan annual craft shows, but most people don’t realize the Town of Quantico used to have a very successful annual craft show as well,” stated Brown in an email.

A craft show in Quantico would be one of a several events created events to draw more people to the only town in the nation located inside a military base. Those events include a new fishing tournament, kayak event on the Potomac River, fireworks and concert on Memorial Day, and the town’s annual Christmas parade.

Brown mentioned craft fairs in Occoquan, a town just north of Quantico. It relies on its two craft fairs, in the spring and fall, to generate revenue to support the town.

“Over the two day period, the show brings visitors from around the region to our town – they not only experience the town’s largest event, but they are also introduced to the many unique shopping, dining and artistic experiences that are available in Occoquan year round. This brings people back to our town throughout the year to shop, dine and experience the art and history of our community,” stated Occoquan Town Manager Kirstyn Jovanovich in an email.

Now in its 46th year, Occoquan’s craft show attract about 10,000 people to the town. The money generated by the shows is used to support the town’s capital improvement plan to improve streets, public buildings, sidewalks, and parks.

The Quantico Craft and Vendor Fair will be held Saturday, Sept. 19 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The fair will include over 28 local crafters and vendors from the surrounding community, stated Brown.

This event will be located in the town’s municipal parking lot (located next to the Navy Federal ATM) at 449 Potomac Avenue in Quantico.

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