Local craft beer company is looking to boost production – KEVN Black Hills Fox

With craft beer gaining in popularity, one local brewery is looking to step up production and Christmas Village off of Highway 16 is celebrating a season of sales.

The folks at Christmas Village say they’ve seen a significant increase in foot–traffic in 2015.
The business boasts the largest local collection of Christmas ornaments and decorations with more than 17,000 in stock.
Christmas Village does a majority of its business between May and September, which is 90% tourism based.

Kenneth Sheffield says, “It’s been an excellent year. We’re ahead of last year. July and August have been running quite a bit better than last year, but June was about the same.”

Sheffield says they have an expanding collection of NFL items in the store also.
He says a lot of their items can’t be found in any other stores.

A local craft beer company is looking to quench the community’s thirst by boosting production.
Hay Camp Brewing started last year with one and a half–barrel fermenters and then invested in some bigger equipment.
Now they’re looking to triple their production capacity again.

Sam Papendick and Karl Koth (kahth), the owners and brewers, say this will allow them to make more beer and expand their hours of operation.

Papendick says, “With more production that will translate into greater sales, but to do that we need more hours.”
Koth says, “And the convenience for people that are trying to get in here. Right now with the limited hours that are going to be changing we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from the community that they’re liking our beer, but they wanted us to be open more often.”

The guys at Hay Camp say their motto is “slow and steady brewing” which allows them to tweak their process and experiment with the beer.
They’re hoping to be open five days a week starting next January.